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Monday, April 27, 2009

Braiding Bash Brilliancy

April, 24th 2009

The first activity was presented to the girls’ campus last night at seven o’clock p.m. by the Health & Hygiene Committee. The Braiding Bash introduced hair and styling tips to expand our abilities using our limited resources to be presentable during our stay at Diamond Ranch Academy.

The event began with the introduction of the members participating, and thanks for those who were able to attend, given by the chairman. Before learning any of the hairstyles, she taught the group how to correctly brush their hair. After that, we learned several different hairstyles. Several stuck out, and were popular among the girls. One was the “Sassy Classy”, a simple style that involved twisting two sections of hair, then combining them into one section of hair, followed by securing it in a hair tie. Another style the girls enjoyed was the “Braidy Lady”. The style had a very retro look, which another committee member instructed how to achieve this style. This style was simple, and the finished product had two braids on either side of the head, pulled back into one hair tie. Other styles that were popular were the “Chic Pony” and the "French braid".

After these and several other styles were presented, each member advised us on basic hair tips. The Committee then opened up conversation for questions and tips from the audience. During this time, free punch was provided. Those who wanted more refreshment were offered jell-o with whip cream on top for the price of ten ledger dollars.

For the most part, the event went smoothly and most enjoyed it. There was a variety of styles offered to learn, and much encouragement for everyone. We look forward to more activities from the upper level committees soon.

-Student News Reporter

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