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Friday, April 17, 2009

Diamond Ranch Academy Committee Workshop

The upper level committees’ workshop on Thursday went better than planned! It began at three-thirty with an inspirational video shown by Program Director, Cody. The short film was about a father whose son had down syndrome. The family duo competed in triathlons together and won several competitions. Cody explained to the students how the film tied in with serving others and health. We learned that we can make changes in the world, community, and at Diamond Ranch Academy everyday. Following his speech, he introduced the three committees.
The Service committee spoke first, and introduced Three-Minute Thursdays. The committee spoke about possible future activities and programs, such as the variety show and a recycling program.

The Health and Hygiene Committee were enthusiastic and presented themselves well. They informed the crowd of a future “Braiding Bash” where girls will be able to learn how to braid and style their hair.

The Homemaking Committee was last to present. They spoke about their goals to help make Diamond Ranch Academy more homey to its residents and explained what kinds of things they will be doing for us.

All together, the workshop was a success. Upon leaving, the students were excited for what these committees can do, and one day joining a committee to become more involved.

-Service Chairman

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