Diamond Ranch Academy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Diamond Ranch Academy Committees

Here are a few pictures of our Diamond Ranch Academy Committees planning their projects.

Diamond Ranch Academy Service Committee
This week in service committee we are making progress towards “3-Minute-Thursdays” and recycling. We are in the process of planning a variety show where the girls will be able to exhibit their skills and talents for the girls’ campus (Whisper and Crystal).We will be announcing these plans at the workshop tomorrow (Thursday).
Today we are decorating a bulletin board in the big building that will convey our work and plans to everyone.

Diamond Ranch Academy Health and Hygiene Committee
This has been an exciting week for the Health & Hygiene Committee. We are off to a good start with plans and suggestions for the ranch. Belts are a work in progress and we are looking into getting some kind of hair clips.
Due to our new bulletin board, we have been searching for motivational quotes and hygiene tips as well as health facts. Along with all our decision making, we have been working on the layout of our display.

UPCOMING EVENT: Braiding Bash!!
We are researching in the library fun braiding styles to teach the girls.

Diamond Ranch Academy Homemaking Committee
This week on Thursday, April 16th, all of the committees will be doing a presentation to introduce each committee. Committee chairpersons will be conducting the event. The Homemaking Committee will be decorating our board in a modern techno theme. We will also be introducing our first main event - the Etiquette Dinner - as well as presenting our mission statement, governing values, vision and objectives. As the Homemaking Committee, we will be working with the others to “enhance the appeal and appearance of Diamond Ranch Academy.” We will look forward to working with the staff and student body here at DRA.

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