Diamond Ranch Academy

Friday, July 31, 2009

Kanarraville Hike

On Tuesday, July 28, Tayleigh and Mr. Force took us on a hike. As we were hiking, we admired all the wild life and beautiful surroundings. Mr. Force taught us everything from what plants to eat when you’re sick to why we shouldn’t drink the water straight from the stream. We also were taught life lessons during the hike. As we walked further along, there were moments when we stopped and took a look back at all we had done. Often times in life we don’t look at our past, but only to our future. Each day we should reflect on what we’ve accomplished to help put our current struggles into perspective. On the hike, there were times of fear, like trying to cross the stream without falling in. Fears like these keep people from doing what they love and even being themselves. Fears are not something to be afraid of; they are obstacles to help us grow strong and brave. If we can overcome our biggest fears, we can accomplish our goals in life. As we hiked along further, we started to get closer to the waterfall. When we were almost there, Mr. Force had us walk to the waterfall one by one. Our lives can be so busy and at times we can’t find time for ourselves. Each day we should look back on all that we’ve accomplished as well as simply look at our inner-selves. Each day we should focus on the positive and try to fix the negative. We shouldn’t dwell on all that we have failed, but recognize ourselves for having the courage to try. Finally, we arrived at the waterfall, the best part of the hike! We admired the clear water and everyone took turns getting drenched by the waterfall! Just because we hit the waterfall, that didn’t mean the hike was over. We still had the trip back to enjoy. A life lesson I learned was that we come to Diamond Ranch Academy for living the wrong lifestyle, but work hard to get ourselves back on our feet and start doing the right things. We celebrate the leaving of Diamond Ranch Academy with a graduation. Often we’ll think that all the hard work is done once it’s time to go home. However, we need to take all that we’ve learned and remember it for when we are home. In other words, the waterfall or graduation isn’t where the journey ends, but where another one begins.


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