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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kanarraville Slot Canyon Hike

The hike started out with a long, dry, uphill path. A lot of us were breaking a sweat and ready to quit already. But as most cases in life, we’re all glad that we didn’t give up. Mr. Force initiated a water fight as we crossed our first stream. At this point, we were immersed in the trees and really starting to see the beauty. We came by a lot of plants that have the natural power to cure sicknesses such as cancer and pneumonia. It is kind of ironic how cures and solutions are all around us but not often utilized. After venturing through several trails and rivulets, we found ourselves in the bottom of the canyon. Most of us were busy looking down trying not to trip on the rocks. Until Mr. Force reminded us, we didn’t realize that the most scenic view was above us. The contrast of the blue sky and the jagged rocks was a wonderful sight. Sometimes we become so consumed with our worldly problems that we don’t bother looking up to our higher power.
Following about two hours of hiking, we finally reached our destination- The Waterfall! That was definitely a lot of fun and felt good because it was hot out.
The Hike gave us all something to think about and introduced many of the girls to the awesomeness of the great outdoors.
By A.R.

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