Diamond Ranch Academy

Friday, December 18, 2009

BirThDaY bEneFiT!

"Even though we are away from our friends, family, and home, Diamond Ranch Academy made an incredible effort to make us feel special on our birthday"

 On December 7, a van full of girls from the birthday months of November and December got to go off-ranch to enjoy themselves and be pampered. It was kept a secret till the day of the festivities. It rained as we drove away from the ranch, turning the vermillion rocks around us a murky dark red. The van full of birthday girls drove to St. George to make their first stop at Evan’s Hair College. Twelve girls were matched up with twelve cosmetology students.

Six of us went to the classroom in the back of the building to get honey facials, the other six went to get manicures. I went to get a facial first, and thought I was going to fall asleep countless times.
After that relaxing treat, the groups switched. After I got my nails painted metallic gold, I went to see other girls’ nails. Glitter nail polish was most popular among all the girls, although the neon colors were almost as equally liked.

We left Evan’s and headed down to our second, and last, stop Golden Corral Buffet. One of the most discussed topics on ranch among the students is food; the birthday girls were standing in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Everyone ate a lot (emphasize A LOT) of food, and one could usually find at least one student at the dessert counter at all times.

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