Diamond Ranch Academy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

saturday basketball!!

"i couldn't be happier with the team. there's so many girls from all over the place that are in and out of here, it's so amazing that some of them who have never touched a basketball can come together as a team and compete on the same level as others who have been playing together for years"
-betsy, assistant athletics director

"there's not one person who dominates; not just one all-star. it's everyone giving it their all for the team. i love coaching them!"

"the game on the 12th was AMAZING! the girls were down by about 15 points and came back to win by five! it was so fun, but we told the girls not to do that again because betsy and i can't take that kind of stress!"

"the other team was tough! our girls spent most of the game wrestling the ball away from them! even though their patience was tested, i was impressed that our girls kept their cool."

the girls have a 5-2 record so far! GReat jOb, ladies!!

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