Diamond Ranch Academy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Benefit for January & February

birthday benefit!!

The girls that had birthdays during the months of January and February got a special outing.  They went to Evan's Hairstyling Academy to get facials and manicures.  The facials were a unique experience.  Very relaxing, and very indulgent.  

You can sense the excitement in the video, many of the girls had never experienced such pampering before.  And you can tell by the BRIGHT nail polish selections that they were even more excited to show off the end results of the day to anyone who could see them!!  

After the cleansing, moisturizing and polishing at Evan's, the girls went to a local buffet-style restaurant, Golden Corral, for all you can eat lunch and dessert.  And if any of you were wondering...when there is a opportunity for ALL YOU CAN EAT goodies, these girls can really pack it away!!


  1. Dear DRA;
    Your blog site has enabled our family to feel more connected with Jessica while she is at Diamond Ranch. It is a great idea !!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Love it!! Thanks so much for the great videos. I can't tell you how much it means to us.