Diamond Ranch Academy

Monday, September 27, 2010

cs poetry

poetry spotlight!!

From a seed
to a small sprout
a flower takes time
to grow about
a moth to
a couple of years
it takes a while
for a tree to bare
collect a bunch
wrap it up to send
to a cancer patient,
family, enemy, or friend
a flower means a lot
All around the world
Get some seeds and grab a pot.

"That’s When You Know, That’s When You Understand"

Everybody always says that freedom isn’t free.
You always hear the president talking about
All these sacrifices being made.
But who knows?
Who really knows?

You don’t know
Until you feel their body weight.
You don’t know
Until you hear the rings of the 21 shots
Like they are arrows piercing your ears.
You don’t know
Until you see the tears fall from his mother’s eyes
As you hand her a folder up flag.

You don’t understand
Until his wife is down on her knees screaming why.
You don’t understand
Until you cant give her an explanation.

See, I’ve seen this first hand
And I know how it feels.
Yes, freedom isn’t free.
Some things have to be.
But you don’t know

You don’t really understand
Until you’ve seen this first hand.


Friday, September 24, 2010

birthday benefit!!

they say it's your birthday!!!

for our birthday girls, robbie and i got to take them to the golden coral buffet, then a movie! the girls were so much fun... enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tuesdays with tayleigh

the mentor dorm wanted to clean up yellow camp for a bonfire! the ultimate plan includes a campus wide devotional around the campfire.  the girls are planning their speeches and of course, we'll be serving s'mores. after cleaning up, we had a discussion on supporting one another in the mentor dorm and helping each other keep on track.

Monday, September 6, 2010

parowan vb

"On Tuesday we played the Parowan Rams. The Diamondbacks came together and won their first game in a 3-1 victory. Though the whole team played awesome, there two specific people without whom we couldn’t have won our game: Taylor and her serves were almost impossible to dig up. She served eight aces in a row. Another star player for the game would be Karina. She surprised us all at the net and blocked and hit everything that came at her. Those two really worked hard and showed us what volleyball was all about."-lissa, team captain
after the game, we went out for a picnic dinner. a local dog joined us for a while, then we decided to have a sour skittles eating competition, thanks to becca's parents!

Friday, September 3, 2010

football game in beaver

here's some shots of our cheer girls at the beaver game!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the whole girls campus came to our first volleyball game of the season at Dixie High!
the whole team was excited/nervious/anxious/pumped all day!
"On Friday August 27th the diamondbacks faced Dixie high school for a volleyball game. We were aggressive throughout the game. We took them to close five games. Though the Diamondbacks lost we played very hard. One of the star players was Becca, our middle back player. She dug up every ball that was hit to her and covered every block or hit. Becca's determination and passing abilities is one of the reasons why we took Dixie to five games!"
-lissa, team captain