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Monday, September 27, 2010

cs poetry

poetry spotlight!!

From a seed
to a small sprout
a flower takes time
to grow about
a moth to
a couple of years
it takes a while
for a tree to bare
collect a bunch
wrap it up to send
to a cancer patient,
family, enemy, or friend
a flower means a lot
All around the world
Get some seeds and grab a pot.

"That’s When You Know, That’s When You Understand"

Everybody always says that freedom isn’t free.
You always hear the president talking about
All these sacrifices being made.
But who knows?
Who really knows?

You don’t know
Until you feel their body weight.
You don’t know
Until you hear the rings of the 21 shots
Like they are arrows piercing your ears.
You don’t know
Until you see the tears fall from his mother’s eyes
As you hand her a folder up flag.

You don’t understand
Until his wife is down on her knees screaming why.
You don’t understand
Until you cant give her an explanation.

See, I’ve seen this first hand
And I know how it feels.
Yes, freedom isn’t free.
Some things have to be.
But you don’t know

You don’t really understand
Until you’ve seen this first hand.


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