Diamond Ranch Academy

Friday, January 21, 2011

just another day at the ranch...

a had a minute, and a camera. here's a few shots of your girls on a random weekday:

 "take my picture!"-kennedy

 beth, our english teacher helping karina

 kylie <3's math

 therasa:hard at work!

Friday, January 7, 2011

june's story

"behind the clouds the sun is shining"
"i know what i want in my life now. i know what i need to do to fulfill my goals. i know how to resist peer pressure and temptations, even though it won't always be easy...through student level, i learned what goes around will come around and that i should have integrity...
"at manager level, i learned how to set boundaries with the people around me and not to give in to peer pressure. in director level, i found out my addictive behavior pattern and how it connected with substances and my esteem. i've sharpened the image of how i want my future to become, especially with my education and my mom.
"i'm ready to serve others!"
"i absolutely love being a mentor in O&A. the girls are awesome and i can completely understand how they feel and what they go through. i've had many ups and downs through my own program, but i believe my own experiences and attutude has helped me go a long way. it's funny, because whenever the girls pass their days, i feel to happy and excited, as if they were my own days that i have passed! i just wish to be the best example and a friend for my girls that i have mentored in O&A!"